Alberta Coal Lease Impacts on the Great Divide Trail


In May 2020, the Alberta government rescinded, without public consultation, its 1976 Coal Policy, banning open-pit mining on Category 2 lands since they were deemed vital to environmental protection.  This decision to rescind exposed these Eastern Slope headwaters to coal exploration and strip-mining, and resulted in more than 350 new…

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Identifying Tracks in the Snow


By Jenny L. Feick, PhD   Snow provides a blank canvas for the artistry of wildlife tracks Figuring out which creatures are sharing their home turf with you while you are passing through an area can provide an interesting diversion from cold oatmeal, blisters and fixing broken gear.  Winter snow…

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Committee Corner Winter 2021

BOD_retreat2_1_20 (640x480)

Committee Corner is where one finds news about what various committees are working on.  Sharing news is voluntary and committees are busy, so may not always find time to share news.  We hope committee participation grows over time.  Thank you to the committees that sent news on such short notice.…

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