Trail and Road Conditions

Trail and road conditions are monitored by the GDTA but much of this information is crowd-sourced and depends on trail user contributions. Please report trail conditions via email.

August 2015 Trail and Road Conditions


Trail Conditions Update – August 24, 2015 TRAILS: Conditions are good on most of the GDT. Trails are mainly dry and snowfree. It’s berry season! Your chances of running into a bear on the trail are higher at this time of year. Berry bushes are found throughout the GDT, often…

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July 2015 Trail and Road Conditions


Trail Conditions Update – July 27, 2015 TRAILS: Conditions are good on most of the GDT. Trails are mainly dry with some wet and muddy sections and possible snow patches at higher elevations. The wildflower bloom is early this year! WILDFIRE UPDATE: Rain and cooler temperatures have decreased fire danger in…

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April 2015 Trail and Road Conditions


Trail Conditions Update – APRIL 17, 2015 Spring is transition time on the GDT. Hiking trails at lower elevations vary from bare and muddy to slushy and icy, while trails at higher elevation remain snowbound with potential avalanche risk. Trails can be icy in the morning but warm daytime temperatures are…

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November 2014 Trail and Road Conditions

Snowy trail

Trail Conditions Update – NOVEMBER 18, 2014 Winter has arrived in the Rocky Mountains! Snow has fallen on all of the GDT with significant accumulation at higher elevations. Expect snowy, slippery, wet or muddy trail conditions. Snow cleats or snowshoes are recommended. Temperatures are below freezing so be prepared for all weather…

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October 2014 Trail and Road Conditions

Fall on the GDT

Trail Conditions Update – OCTOBER 7, 2014 Fall colours are here! Fresh snow has fallen on most of the GDT and has begun accumulating at higher elevations. Expect slippery, wet and muddy trail conditions but most trails are still passable. Nighttime and early morning temperatures are below freezing so be prepared for…

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September 2014 Trail and Road Conditions

GDT Autumn

Trail Conditions Update – SEPTEMBER 10, 2014 Autumn is fast approaching, the leaves are changing and fresh snow has fallen on the southern portion of the GDT! Expect nighttime and early morning temperatures below freezing and fresh snowfall at higher elevations at anytime. The elk rutting season has begun and…

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July 2014 Trail and Road Conditions

  Trail Conditions Update – JULY 22, 2014 High elevation sections of the GDT still have some snow patches but trail conditions are improving quickly. As a result of last summer’s flood damage to the trail and bridges, some trails remain closed in 2014 (see below). It is recommended that…

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The Flood of 2013

Unfortunately due to road and trail damage from the severe flooding in south-western Alberta in June 2013, our 2013 GDT Trail Maintenance trip was cancelled. From August 30 to September 1, 2013, three members of the Great Divide Trail Association hiked from Hidden Creek to Baril Creek, assessing damage to…

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