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GDTA Spring 2021 Webinars


by Charlene Deck This spring, the Outreach Committee presented two webinars to help hikers prepare for the trails this summer: one on trip planning and safety and one on gear selection. Trip Planning and Safety Keri Bowzaylo, an ultra-runner, fitness professional, and apprentice interpretive guide, showed us how to plan…

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Thinking Outside the Donation Box


By Mary Jane Kreisel June is an exciting month for the Great Divide Trail Association! Our volunteer trail building trips in BC and Alberta are about to begin. Hikers from far and wide will soon embark on a thru-hike of a lifetime on the GDT. Others will attempt a challenging…

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Ordering “Tales from the Great Divide”


By Jenny Feick, PhD Tales from the Great Divide, Vignettes on the Origins and Early History of Canada’s Great Divide Trail and Great Divide Trail Association brings to life the memories of many of the ‘originals’ whose vision, idealism, dedication, and hard work over five decades made Canada’s Great Divide Trail…

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Preparing for the Great Divide Trail


by Austin Hager Wow, was I shocked at how much prep is required for a Great Divide Trail thru-hike.  Still more than a month away from my start date, and I have put in well over 100 hours of preparation.  Between my partner Tanya and I sharing the load, it…

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Pathfinder Newsletter – Winter 2021

Winter 2021

As we leave 2020 behind and look forward to 2021, the Great Divide Trail Association continues to consider what is best for the health and safety of the trail community that we serve. Even while the pandemic continues, staying active in the outdoors is an excellent way to keep your…

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What About Those Parks Permits…?

jasper_skyline_1 (640x480)

The Great Divide Trail (GDT) is unique.  It is wild!  It is rugged!  It is wilderness!  It is pristine!  It is beautiful!  If it wasn’t, it wouldn’t be the GDT.  Let’s keep it that way – it is unique.  It travels through many areas that are particularly sensitive to overuse…

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Hiking Northover Ridge

picture 1

By Barb Lauer It’s time to start dreaming about epic summer backpacking trips!  And the Northover Ridge should be on your list – it’s on the continental divide (directly on the BC-Alberta border), is easily accessible from Calgary as a short 1,2 or 3 day hike and is spectacular!  It’s…

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Alberta Coal Lease Impacts on the Great Divide Trail


In May 2020, the Alberta government rescinded, without public consultation, its 1976 Coal Policy, banning open-pit mining on Category 2 lands since they were deemed vital to environmental protection.  This decision to rescind exposed these Eastern Slope headwaters to coal exploration and strip-mining, and resulted in more than 350 new…

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Identifying Tracks in the Snow


By Jenny L. Feick, PhD   Snow provides a blank canvas for the artistry of wildlife tracks Figuring out which creatures are sharing their home turf with you while you are passing through an area can provide an interesting diversion from cold oatmeal, blisters and fixing broken gear.  Winter snow…

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