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Movement is My Medicine


By Clara Hughes I’ve spent recent years walking thousands of miles on trails in America, always leaving the magnificent setting of our home in the Bow Valley. Routes like the Appalachian, Pacific Crest, Continental Divide, Arizona Trails, as well as more obscure and less linear walks like the Grand Enchantment,…

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The Lovely Larch – Coolest Tree on the GDT

Subalpine larch in the Cascade Mountains, Cathedral Lakes Provincial Park, BC

By Jenny L. Feick, PhD  Every September, thousands of people make the pilgrimage up into the high subalpine reaches of the Rocky Mountains to take delight in the bright yellow hues of a curious conifer, the subalpine larch (Larix lyallii). Unlike other cone-bearing trees, which are evergreens, larches are deciduous like poplars, aspens, and…

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Tales from the Trail: Section G – Kakwa to Robson

Day 3 - Surprise Pass camping - view from the tent 

One Epic Adventure!  By Barb Lauer  After completing the easiest section of the GDT last summer (section C, Field to Kananaskis), this summer Lynnie and I tackled the most challenging section, section G, SOBO from Kakwa to Mt Robson. An amazing achievement that would not have been possible without the help of Dustin Lynx.    Section G is a very difficult section and should…

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Horse Packers Clean Up GDT Camp

Day 1 - Approaching Beehive Mountain

By Wendy Ryan  Wendy Ryan is both an avid horseback trail rider and a GDT enthusiast. From Pincher Creek, Wendy has enjoyed time on the GDT over the years, joined the GDTA, and believes in the GDTA’s commitment to preserving, promoting, and maintaining the GDT. She is also interested in horse…

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2020 GDTA Volunteer Recognition Awards

recognition award

Each year we recognize the efforts of our volunteers who have gone above and beyond to help us achieve our objectives. This year has been an exceptional year for us on many fronts, and as a result we want to recognize the efforts of these 8 individuals whose hard work and dedication…

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2020 Trail Building and Maintenance Trips


By Doug Borthwick  2020 was another great year for trail building and maintenance on the Great Divide Trail.  Much thanks has to be given to all those on the GDTA Trail Building and Maintenance Committee (TMBC) who put in an extraordinary amount of work behind the scenes just to be able to safely put together any trips.  Planning was ahead of…

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2020 GDTA Annual Report

HRT Trail Crew

By Brad Vaillancourt, President of the Great Divide Trail Association To call 2020 a historic year feels like an understatement. 2020 has been one the most unusual, most challenging, most stressful years ever… and yet unexpectedly, 2020 has also been one of the GDTA’s most successful years ever. Early in the year while the world was shutting down to deal with the growing pandemic, the…

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Pathfinder Newsletter – Spring/Summer 2020

spring-summer 2020

This edition of the Pathfinder Newsletter includes articles showcasing GDT and other wilderness adventures, information to help (re)plan your 2020 summer on the Great Divide – hiking and/or volunteering, announcements, conditions, GDT literature news, and general interest articles. Enjoy!   GDTA COVID-19 Update: An important message from the GDTA regarding the…

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GDTA Charitable Status

Thank you!

By Mary Jane Kreisel The GDTA has Charitable Status! On May 5, the Charities Directorate let us know we are now a registered charity. This means that The Great Divide Trail Association can issue official tax receipts for charitable donations. This is a big step for us and we hope that…

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