Gift of Shares and Securities

Leave a Lasting Legacy on the Trail: Donate Shares and Securities to the Great Divide Trail Association

Make a significant impact on the future of the Great Divide Trail by donating your publicly traded shares and securities. This is a tax-effective way to support the preservation and maintenance of this spectacular hiking trail for generations to come.

Benefits of Donating Shares and Securities

  • Maximize your gift: Avoid capital gains taxes on appreciated securities.
  • Receive a charitable tax receipt: You’ll receive a tax receipt for the full market value of the securities on the date the Great Divide Trail Association (GDTA) receives them, allowing you to potentially claim a significant tax deduction.
  • Support the GDTA’s mission: Your generous gift will help us continue to protect and maintain the Great Divide Trail.

How to Donate Shares and Securities

Donating shares and securities to the GDTA is a simple process. Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Contact the GDTA: Get in touch with the GDTA to discuss your gift and obtain instructions for transferring your securities. We can be reached at
  2. Advise your broker: Inform your broker of your intention to donate shares and securities to the GDTA. They will be able to facilitate the transfer on your behalf.
    • Information your broker will need:
      • Official Name: The Great Divide Trail Association
      • Address: Suite 4016, 918 – 16th Ave NW T2M 0K3
      • Registered Charity #: 761911718RR0001
  3. Receive your tax receipt: Once the GDTA receives the donated securities, you’ll be issued a charitable tax receipt for the full market value.

Every Contribution Makes a Difference

The GDTA is a dedicated team of mainly volunteers working tirelessly to maintain a vast trail network. As a smaller organization, your gift, big or small, has a powerful impact.

Together, we can ensure the Great Divide Trail continues to inspire hikers for generations to come. Thank you for considering a gift of shares and securities to the GDTA!

Disclaimer: This page does not contain legal or financial advice. Speak to your professional legal, tax, financial, or other advisor to determine if any of these options are suitable for you and your situation.

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