We are a membership organization built by the support of people like you. By becoming a member of the Great Divide Trail Association, you are supporting the trail experience that you love and contributing to the completion and long-term preservation of the Great Divide Trail.

How do you become a member?

We offer three types of membership. Click on one of the links below:

Member benefits

Your annual membership qualifies you to receive the following benefits:

  • Electronic copies of the quarterly GDTA Pathfinder Newsletter
  • Up to date information and trip‐planning resources for the Great Divide Trail
  • Voting status at meetings of members of the GDTA
  • Eligibility to serve on the GDTA Board of Directors
  • Invitations to participate in trail classes and volunteer trail projects
  • Discounted fees for GDTA events
  • The knowledge that your membership helps to protect and maintain the Great Divide Trail

With your support, we can preserve the Great Divide Trail and its wilderness experience for generations to come!

Looking to renew your membership?

You will receive a reminder email when your membership is about to expire but if you missed the reminder or want to renew early, simply click on the type of membership you would like to renew below, complete the online application and submit your payment.

If you have any questions about GDTA membership, contact us at

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