Board of Directors

The GDTA is led by a volunteer board of directors. The board of directors gives leadership and guides the strategic direction of the GDTA on behalf of our members. We rely on strong leadership to drive change and achieve our mission and annual objectives. 

Every year, the GDTA Board appoints individuals to serve on our Nomination Committee. The Nomination Committee creates a recruitment plan by identifying existing board members who have completed their terms, considering the short and long-term plans of the organization, assessing the needs of the Board, and developing selection criteria for prospective board members. The Nomination Committee seeks nominations and requests suggestions for suitable prospective board members. The selection criteria are used to determine the best fit of prospective board candidates. The Nomination Committee makes recommendations for approval by the existing GDTA Board of Directors prior to the Annual General Meeting where new board members are elected by the general membership.

If you’re interested in volunteering on our board, consider your skills, interests and experience. Board members should be aware of the GDTA’s history and mission and the general expectations for participation as a GDTA Board Member:

  • Board Members will participate in monthly Board meetings (excluding the summer when we’re all out on the trail), in person or via telephone or Skype.
  • Board Members will participate in the Annual General Meeting, in person or via telephone or Skype.
  • Board Members roles and responsibilities include:
    • Chairing or serving as a Board representative on one of our committees;
    • Strategic planning and carrying out Board activities to achieve the GDTA’s mission and objectives;
    • Contributing to the GDTA’s annual operating needs;
    • Participating in program activities and/or services involving the GDTA;
    • Organizing presentations to clubs, groups or other organizations;
    • Building our membership, securing new donors;
    • Requesting contribution of funds, material goods or in-kind services;
    • Assisting with special projects or events;
    • Participating in decisions regarding the management of the GDTA annual budget.

If you believe you have the skills, knowledge and passion for the trail and would like to be considered as a potential Board Member, send us an email and the Nomination Committee will contact you prior to our next Annual General Meeting.

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