Generally, you will be able to resupply every 4 to 9 days along the GDT via a mailed package and/or purchasing food from a local store. There are only three places directly on the GDT with stores that carry adequate food and supplies for long-distance backpacking (Waterton, Blairmore and Jasper) so preparing resupply packages is an essential part of a long-distance journey on the GDT. 

Buying Food En Route

Supplementing your resupply packages by buying food along the way supports the local communities that you are passing through. Whether you’re buying ice cream, drinks, fresh produce, dairy or baked goods, buying locally is also a great way to add variety to your diet. Availability of food and hiking supplies varies from location to location:

  • Waterton townsite has a small grocery store, an outdoor gear shop and several restaurants.
  • There are small stores in Coleman, Boulton Creek Trading Post, Field and The Crossing Resort where limited food and supplies are available, catering mostly to frontcountry camping.
  • Jasper has two supermarkets, a few outdoor gear shops and several restaurants.
  • Near the Mount Robson Visitor Centre is a cafe and a small convenience store.
  • While not directly en route, Blairmore, Pincher Creek, Banff, Lake Louise and Golden all have supermarkets, outdoor gear shops and restaurants.

STOVE FUEL: Isobutane/propane cannisters, white gas and alcohol stove fuel are usually available in Waterton, Pincher Creek, Blairmore, Boulton Creek, Banff, Lake Louise, Golden, The Crossing Resort and Jasper. Backpacking stove fuel is not available at Field or Mount Robson Visitor Centre.

Mailing Resupply Packages

  • Be aware of the hours of operation for the resupply locations. You may find yourself racing to beat closing time, or waiting for it to reopen.
  • The standard policy is that the packages will be held for 15 days so write “Please hold for Great Divide Trail hiker” with your anticipated date of arrival to ensure the package will be there when you arrive.
  • Allow plenty of time for shipping as some remote locations may take up to two weeks to receive a package.
  • You will need government issued photo id to pick up your package from most post offices.
  • For government Post Offices, mail your package General Delivery.
  • Large heavy packages might not be accepted. A good rule is maximum 25 lbs (11 kg) per package. If you are packing food for more than 2 people, split into 2 packages.
  • If using a courier, only prepaid couriered packages will be accepted.
  • IMPORTANT: Ensure your resupply package is tightly sealed (i.e. mouse-proof) and contains no perishable items or hazardous materials.
  • When in doubt, call or email in advance to confirm that the resupply location will accept your resupply package.
  • Note that Sunshine Village, The Crossing Resort and Mount Engadine Lodge charge holding fees per package.

Resupply Package Label:

  • Your name
  • General Delivery
  • Mailing address of the resupply location
  • City, Province
  • Postal Code
  • Your anticipated date of arrival  “Please hold for Great Divide Trail hiker on month/day/year”

Bounce box

A ‘bounce box’ is an optional package that you continually mail ahead to yourself as you travel along the trail, giving access to your desired personal items without having to carry them. The bounce box can include things like: books, maps, camera charger, town clothes, replacement shoes or socks, hiking gear, first aid materials, etc. Be aware that using a bounce box can be quite expensive.


Resupply Locations* 

*at or near a GDT trailhead access point (+distance from the GDT)

Mailing Addresses from South to North:

Waterton Lakes Post Office @ km 6.8 (+500m on Fountain Avenue) 
General Delivery
102A Windflower Avenue
Waterton Lakes, AB
T0K 2M0
Tel: 403-859-2294
M-F 8:30am-4:30pm

Waterton townsite has several hotels, restaurants, coffee shops, a small grocery store, a laundromat, an outdoor gear shop, a campground, a Parks Canada visitor centre and a shuttle service office.

Castle Mountain Ski Resort @ km 95.5 (en route)
Box 610
Pincher Creek, AB
T0K 1W0

Tel: 403-627-5101 or 1-888-754-8667

Castle Mountain Ski Resort is a remote location and has limited/variable hours so call ahead to arrange resupply. Their guest services office is open Monday to Friday from 9am to 4pm and the pub is open seasonally on weekends (Friday-Sunday) from mid-June to mid-September. The hostel is open daily in the summer.

Coleman Remedy’s Rx Postal Services @ km 147.9 (en route)
8335 – 20th Avenue
Box 550
Coleman, AB
T0K 0M0
Tel: 403-563-3242
M-F 9am-6pm & Sa 10am-4pm

Coleman has two motels, a few B&Bs, several restaurants and a convenience store.

Blairmore Post Office (+5 km east of Coleman on Highway 3)
General Delivery
12537 20th Ave
Blairmore, AB
T0K 0E0
Tel: 403-562-2977
M-F 9am-5pm

Blairmore has a supermarket, two motels, a few B&Bs, a campground, several restaurants, and an outdoor gear shop.

Country Encounters @ km 148.6 (+250m on 77 Street)
7701 17 Avenue
Coleman, AB
T0K 0M0
Tel: 403-563-5299

Owner and operator Dawn is a huge supporter of the GDT, gives GDTA Members a 15% discount on accommodation and free resupply package holding with stay. 

Boulton Creek Trading Post @ km 340.2 (+2 km on Kananaskis Lakes Trail)
Boulton Creek Trading Post does not accept resupply packages but has a small store that sells camping supplies and groceries, and a concession that sells baked goods and ice cream.

Tel: 403-591-7226
Summer hours: Su-Th 9am-8pm & Fr-Sa 9am-10pm

Peter Lougheed Provincial Park, Elk Pass Trailhead @ km 340.2 (en route)
Nicole Sharpe has generously offered to deliver resupply boxes to the Elk Pass Trailhead in Peter Lougheed Provincial Park to GDTA members for a fee of $35 and to non-members for $50.

Contact Nicole at to book your delivery service and receive mailing instructions. Once you’ve paid the fee, Nicole will provide her Zoleo satellite communicator number in case on-trail communication is needed.

***Nicole will not be answering emails consistently until after after May 1st. 

  • Nicole will only be delivering on evenings and weekends.
  • Proof of GDTA membership is required for discount.
  • If hikers have gear failure or want Nicole to deliver fuel canisters (they can be shipped via outfitters), she is happy to bring those too.

Mount Engadine Lodge @ km 393 (+10.8 km on Mount Shark access trail)

Located in the heart of Spray Valley Provincial Park, a short distance from the town of Canmore, Mount Engadine Lodge is one of Alberta’s hidden gems. Their property features a variety of accommodation options including Cabins, Glamping Tents and beautiful mountain views from the main lodge. For your convenience, all meals are included with your stay. Guests receive breakfast, lunch and dinner along with afternoon tea service. GDTA members receive 10% discount on accommodation and $5 off resupply package holding.

This a remote location and staff pick up packages in Canmore once per week so allow plenty of time for shipping as it may take up to two weeks to receive a package. Maximum 25 lbs (11 kg) per package. If using a courier, only prepaid couriered packages will be accepted. Holding fee per package is $20 for GDTA members or $25 for non-members. Hikers wanting to stay overnight or eat a meal at the lodge are advised to make reservations in advance.

Mailing address:

Mount Engadine Lodge
Box 8643 
Canmore, AB 
T1W 0B9
Tel: 587-807-0580
Office hours, open daily 9am-5pm
Sunshine Village @ km 436.9 (+1.3 km on Sunshine Village access trail)
Sunshine Village has a café, restaurant, accommodation, gondola and shuttle service to Banff.
Resupply cache service is available for $100 + GST. Contact Sunshine Village for more information at or 403-762-6525.
Mailing address:
Banff Sunshine Village Shipping and Receiving Attention Guest Services – HIKING CACHE
PO BOX 1510
#1 Sunshine Access Road
Banff, AB
T1L 1J5
To get to Banff, hikers can buy a ticket for the gondola or walk 5 km down to the base of Sunshine ski hill where they can catch the free shuttle to Banff townsite from the parking lot. 
Banff Post Office (+23 km from Sunshine Village)  

General Delivery
204 Buffalo Street
Banff, AB
T1L 1H1
Tel: 403-762-2586
M-F 9am-5pm & Sa 11am-3:30pm

Banff has many hotels, B&Bs, restaurants, a hostel, two supermarkets, a laundromat, several outdoor gear shops, a nearby campground, hot springs, and a Parks Canada visitor centre.

Field Post Office @ km 543.5 (en route)
General Delivery
312 Stephen Avenue
Field, BC
V0A 1G0
Tel: 1-800-267-1177
M-F 9:30am-1:30pm

Field has a hotel with a restaurant/pub and coin laundry, several guesthouses, a cafe, a general store at the gas station, and a Parks Canada visitor centre.

The Crossing Resort @ km 649.9 (+1.5 km on Highway 93)
The Crossing Resort charges a holding fee of $40 + tax per package. This fee will be waived for hikers spending a night at the resort.

Mail bag 333
Lake Louise, AB
T0L 1E0
Tel: 403-761-7000
Daily 9am-8pm

The Crossing Resort has accommodation, laundry, a cafeteria, a restaurant with all-you-can eat breakfast, lunch and dinner buffets, a pub and a general store that carries camping supplies and groceries. 

Jasper Post Office @ km 838.8 (+400m on Patricia Street)
General Delivery
502 Patricia Street
Jasper, AB
T0E 1E0
Tel: 780-852-3041
M-F 9am-5pm

Jasper has several hotels, B&Bs, restaurants, a hostel, two supermarkets, a laundromat, a few outdoor gear shops, a nearby campground and a Parks Canada visitor centre.

Jasper Downtown Hostel @ km 838.8 (+750m on Patricia Street)
400 Patricia Street
Jasper AB
T0E 1E0
Tel: 780-852-2000

Jasper Downtown Hostel provides a 10% discount to GDTA members and holds resupply packages free for guests of the hostel. Reservations required.

Mount Robson Visitor Information Centre @ km 940.8 (+28 km on the Berg Lake Trail – CLOSED)
Box 605
Valemount, BC
V0E 2Z0
Tel: 250-566-4038 *This is a remote location with periodic package pick-up so call in advance to confirm arrangements for your resupply package.
Daily 8am-4pm

Near the Mount Robson Visitor Centre is a cafe, a small convenience store and a campground.

Blueberry Trailhead Resupply Lockers @ km 986.9 (+ 7.4 km via the Blueberry Trail)

Resupply package delivery is available at the Blueberry Trailhead. Resupply packages will be delivered by Robson Backcountry Adventures and stored in bear lockers installed at the Blueberry Trailhead.

Based out of McBride BC, Robson Backcountry Adventures is owned and operated by Joy & Sean Prockter, hiking and climbing guides who offer day hikes as well as introductory overnight and full week long adventures in the Robson Valley. Robson Backcountry Adventures is offering the delivery of resupply packages to the new Blueberry Trailhead Resupply Lockers, as well as shuttles along the GDT, from Jasper to as far North as the road and conditions allow. 

Please contact Joy & Sean at or 1.780.931.4453 to book your delivery service and receive mailing instructions. Resupply delivery service fee is $99 for GDTA members or $129 for non-members. GDTA members can also receive a 10% discount for other pick up, shuttle and delivery services along the GDT in the Robson Valley area. Proof of GDTA membership is required for discount.

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