FarOutThe Great Divide Trail Guide is available as an in-app purchase in the FarOut app (formerly Guthook). Each section of the GDT (A – G) is available for individual purchase: CAD/USD $4.99 per section or take advantage of the “thru-hiker discount” and purchase the entire trail for a 35% savings: CAD/USD $24.99. The App works completely offline, even in airplane mode. No mobile service or internet is required after initial setup. The app uses your device’s built-in GPS and downloaded maps.

The FarOut App is available as a free download on iPhone and iPad via the iTunes App Store and Android mobile devices from the Google Play Store. The iOS and Android apps do differ slightly in their appearance; however, the majority of their features remain the same and access the same trail data.

Note that a portion of every sale of the App will go to the Great Divide Trail Association to maintain and improve the trail.






  • GPS-enabled map of the Great Divide Trail 
  • Frequently updated with new information regarding trail conditions and closures/detours
  • 80+ alternate routes and side trails
  • Route-builder tool to create your own routes
  • Offline topographic maps (Natural Resources Canada Toporama maps)
  • Nearly 400 waypoints along or near the trail 
  • GPS-enabled elevation profile
  • GPS-enabled data book listing
  • Trailhead information
  • Comments section for each waypoint
  • Text or email your location (requires internet/data service)

Types of Waypoints:

  • Campgrounds, tenting sites and water sources
  • Trailheads and parking areas
  • Trail junctions and trail exit points in case of emergency
  • Resupply locations and information
  • Other landmarks and points of interest

Disclaimer: We recommend that you always bring a paper map and compass even if you have the GDT App because a paper map’s “battery life” is significantly longer than that of a smartphone.

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