Cairnes Creek Bridge Build 2021

by Paul Jollymore

The Cairnes Creek crossing has presented a problem in recent years with washouts due to high levels of glacial runoff and flood waters. Our goal last year was to re-establish a safe means of crossing at the David Thompson Trail junction. Dave Higgins led a team in June that prepped the site and made a valiant effort to move a 15m tree into position but fell short as some of our equipment couldn’t bear the load. Our group of eight was not to be deterred and built a temporary structure that enabled hikers a crossing for the 2021 hiking season. A day trip to the Lambe Creek crossing involved some trail work to bypass some wet sections as well as railing repairs at the Lambe Creek Bridge.

A group of four returned in September with some heavy duty gear and a new plan. The new structure progressed without a hitch and we are left with an elevated crossing that should last for years!

These efforts were captured on video for you to enjoy as you watch the bridge building action.

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