Jackpine Trail Crew 2021

by Gordon Matthies

This is how this trip was advertised by Dan: “Do you love the GDT, hard work, and short notice trips? Next weekend (August 14/15) a group of GDTA volunteers are flying in to the remote Jackpine Valley in Section G for a week of hard work and suffering. We may have a few extra spots in the heli. The Jackpine Valley is the roughest stretch on the entire GDT, as it hasn’t been maintained for decades. This fly-in trip with brush saws will make a huge difference for future hikers. We’re getting dropped off deep in the woods and then backpacking out 5 0km over the next 7 days. Expect long days of hard work and slow progress.”

Recruitment Poster courtesy of Tara Frey-Durston and Dan Durston

So of COURSE we went on this trip! Just to top it off it rained for a good part of the week too. Please enjoy this video showing a bit of what we did during this amazing week. It was so much work but so much fun and in the most beautiful part of paradise. Top it all off with some crazy hard workers and good times! Best part is… there is still another half of the valley to clear!

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