June 2023 Trail and Road Conditions

June 26, 2023

Below average snowpack and a warm spring resulted in a much earlier snow melt than normal. Warmer temps has melted most of the recent fresh snow but expect wet and muddy trail conditions. Valley bottom trails at lower elevations are mostly bare or muddy, while trails at higher elevation are slushy or muddy.


  • UPDATE Waterton Lakes National Park: The GDT has completely re-opened; a detour is not required.
  • SNOW MELT: Snow levels in the southern and central Rockies are much lower than average for this time of year. For up to date snow level data in BC, check out the Snow Survey Stations Interactive Map. In Alberta, check out the Alberta River Basins map (turn on the snow pillow layer).
  • CREEKS: Rapid snow melt during this time of year results in high water levels and potentially dangerous creek crossings, particularly later in the day. Attempt to ford larger creeks early in the day when water levels are lowest.
  • FIRE BANS: It has been an usually warm and dry spring resulting in unprecedented early season wildfire activity. Recent cool and wet weather has improved conditions, and most fire bans or restrictions have been lifted. A fire ban is still in effect throughout the Prince George Fire Centre in BC, i.e. Mount Robson north to Kakwa. If you must have a campfire in the backcountry, ensure you follow the rules.
  • CLOSURE – Mount Robson Provincial Park: The Berg Lake Trail will remain closed for repairs during the 2023 season, except for the first 7 kilometres from the parking lot to Kinney Lake. Mount Robson Visitor Centre has temporarily suspended its resupply package service. The Moose River Trail is open, giving GDT Hikers 4 options to use as the GDT northern terminus other than the Berg Lake Trail:   
    1. Jasper   
    2. Moose River   
    3. Blueberry   
    4. Kakwa
  • CLOSURE – Aster Lake campground on the Northover Ridge Alternate in Peter Lougheed Provincial Park is closed due to construction. Random camping is permitted at Northover tarns in Height of the Rockies Provincial Park – please Leave No Trace!
  • CLOSURE – Egypt Lake and Bryant Creek shelters are closed until further notice due to construction.
  • ELK CALVING SEASON: mid May to June 30. Protective mother elk will aggressively protect their newborns by kicking and charging at people. Stay at least 30 metres away from all elk during this time of year. Pay attention to trail closures in known elk calving areas.
  • TICKS: Tick season has started. Be extra careful when in areas with a lot of underbrush and check yourself and your clothing after your hike.
  • BEARS: With spring’s arrival, bears are leaving their dens in search of food. Be bear aware on the trails this spring, make noise and carry bear spray.


  • Akamina Parkway in Waterton Lakes National Park is closed due to rockslides following significant rain event.
  • Miette Road in Jasper National Park is closed to a severe washout.
  • Kananaskis Conservation Pass will be required for all vehicles visiting Kananaskis Country and provincial sites in the Bow Valley Corridor. The pass is not required for people arriving without a vehicle on foot, horseback or bicycle.
  • Highway 1 road construction 4 km east of Golden – No daytime stoppages or weekend closures from June 1 to September 15. Sunday-Thursday prepare for 30-minute evening delays and nighttime closures (10pm-7am). If necessary, detour via Highway 93S and Highway 95
  • BC Parks lists Walker Creek FSR as closed at km 37 due to unsafe road conditions, but the road remains accessible beyond that point for those with high clearance 4WD vehicles willing to drive the very rough and overgrown road all the way to from the Bastille Creek trailhead.
  • For more information, check out Alberta 511 and Drive BC.

National and Provincial Park Trail Conditions:

Banff National Park
Jasper National Park
Kootenay National Park
Waterton Lakes National Park
Yoho National Park

Akamina‐Kishinena Provincial Park
Castle Wildland Provincial Park
Castle Provincial Park
Elk Lakes Provincial Park
Height of the Rockies Provincial Park
Kakwa Provincial Park
Mount Assiniboine Provincial Park
Mount Robson Provincial Park
Peter Lougheed Provincial Park

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