Trip-Planning Resources

You don’t have to hike for weeks to enjoy the Great Divide Trail. Most people are out for only a few days. Whether out for a day or a month, here are some resources to make your trip planning easier:

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Start with a trail map. Pick a general region that you’d like to explore and then find out where the GDT passes through it.








Even though the GDT is remote and crosses few highways, public transportation and trailheads do exist to allow you to access the trail at various points whether you’re thru-hiking or section hiking.








Hiking making you hungry? Check out our resupply options. Each of these places will accept resupply packages and can be considered worthy access points for GDT section hikes. You’re likely going to hike between two or more resupply points.





Trail and road conditions


Research current trail conditions and closures. The trail is snow-covered for much of the year and at high elevations, snow may hinder travel well into June or July.








Check out our list of campgrounds to plan where you’re going to sleep on the trail.









Check out these sample itineraries to help create your own GDT hiking schedule.





Parks Canada



Arrange for all park permits and book your campgrounds in advance if you’re staying in a National Park.





Backcountry Basics

Backcountry Basics


Review the GDTA’s Backcountry Basics before your trip to learn about potential hazards, snow conditions and where you can have a campfire.





Hiker’s Forum


Find potential hiking partners and the advice of experienced hikers on our Facebook Hikers’ Forum.





GDT Hikers Notes


GDT Hiker Notes is a user-maintained document containing updates and tips from actual GDT hikers.





Trail Journals

Trail Journals


Read Trail Journals of other GDT hikers experiences on the trail.





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Check out Dustin Lynx’s GDT guidebook.








Want to hike the GDT? There’s an app for that! Check out the GDT App.






Frequently Asked Questions


Check out our FAQ for answers to the most frequently asked questions.





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