GDT App logoThe Great Divide Trail App by Atlas Guides is a GPS map-based hiking guide for smartphones and tablets.  NOTE: The author of the previous version of the app, River Taig, is teaming with Dustin Lynx and the GDTA to create a new phone app. The Atlas Guides app now contains a reduced set of waypoints based on our GPS data.

The Great Divide Trail Guide is available as an in-app purchase in the “Guthook Guides” app, a free download from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store. The iOS and Android apps do differ slightly in their appearance; however, the majority of their features remain the same and access the same trail data.

  • Each section of the GDT (A – G) is available for individual purchase: CAD$5.49 / USD$3.99 per section
  • Or take advantage of the “thru-hiker discount” and purchase the entire trail for a 35% savings: CAD$24.99 / USD$17.99
  • The App works in airplane mode. No mobile service or internet is required after initial setup. The app uses your device’s built-in GPS and downloaded topographic maps.
  • Note that a portion of every sale of the App will go to the Great Divide Trail Association to maintain and improve the trail.
  • The “Guthook Guides” App is available on iPhone and iPad via the iTunes App Store and Android mobile devices from the Google Play Store.



  • Frequently updated with new information regarding trail conditions and potential closures/detours
  • GPS-enabled map of the Great Divide Trail 
  • 80+ alternate routes and side trails
  • Route-builder tool to create your own routes
  • Offline topographic maps (Natural Resources Canada Toporama maps)
  • Nearly 400 waypoints along or near the trail 
  • GPS-enabled elevation profile
  • GPS-enabled data book listing
  • Trailhead information
  • Comments section for each waypoint
  • Text or email your location (requires internet/data service)

Types of Waypoints:

  • Campground and tenting sites
  • Trailheads and parking areas
  • Trail junctions and trail exit points in case of emergency
  • Resupply locations and information
  • Other landmarks and points of interest

Disclaimer: We recommend that you always bring a paper map and compass even if you have the GDT App (because a map’s “battery life” is significantly longer than that of a smartphone).

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