This map is based on GPS data of the Great Divide Trail.
Note that trail mapping information changes occasionally and may not be 100% accurate, use at your own risk.

Map FeatureDescription
topographicTopographic lines begin to appear at 7x zoom.
main routeMain route of the GDT (red)
map menuToggle the menu to turn on other map layers:
WaypointGuidebook Waypoints (red)
alternate routeAlternate Routes (orange)
accessAccess Routes and Trailheads (yellow)
campgroundsCampgrounds, Huts and Lodges
resupplyResupply and Information Centre locations
key-trail bulletinsTrail Condition Bulletins
map full screenView larger map (opens new window)
KML maplinkDownload KML Google Earth file (from larger map only)

Special thanks to Ben Mayberry, Li Brannfors, Zdenek Sychrava, River Taig, Dustin Lynx, Daniel Vardamis, Dan Durston, Doug Borthwick, Dave Hockey and Brad Vaillancourt for providing mapping information.

Other useful map options for the Great Divide Trail:

Ryan Silk’s GDT Map Atlas – Ryan has developed a set of topographic maps for the entire Great Divide Trail, and he is offering them for free (thanks Ryan!). The map set is 87 pages at 1:50,000 scale. Google Drive preview function doesn’t work due to the large file size of the maps (282MB) so you have to download the entire file. Note that Ryan’s maps are from 2017 so they’re slightly out of date and do not include recent changes to the GDT (Field, Howse Floodplain, Moose River, Jackpine).

Ryan Silk maps


Gem Trek Hiking Maps are one of the few topographic maps available that have the GDT officially marked. They are updated regularly, full colour, relief-shaded, two-sided, waterproof, 1:50,000, 1:70,000 or 1:100,000 scale, cost $13.95 – $14.95 each, and cover a large portion of the GDT:

Map NameEditionScaleGuidebook Waypoints
Waterton Lakes4th1:50,000a1-a18
Highwood & Cataract Creek3rd1:50,000b27-b31
Kananaskis Lakes7th1:50,000b38-c6
Banff & Mt. Assiniboine9th1:100,000c3-c23
Banff Egypt Lake1st1:50,000c13-c23
Kootenay National Park5th1:100,000c15-c37
Lake Louise & Yoho10th1:50,000c37-d1
Bow Lake and Saskatchewan Crossing5th1:70,000d4-e7
Columbia Icefield6th1:75,000e11-e17
Jasper & Maligne Lake8th1:100,000e21-f1

National Geographic Trails Illustrated maps are updated regularly, full colour, two-sided, waterproof, tear-resistant, 1:100,000 scale, cost $14.95 each, and cover the GDT within the National Parks:

Map NameEditionScaleGuidebook Waypoints
Glacier and Waterton Lakes National Parks20191:100,000a1-a17
Banff South [Banff and Kootenay National Parks]20141:100,000c4-c29
Banff North [Banff and Yoho National Parks]20141:100,000c23-e15
Jasper South [Jasper National Park]20141:100,000e11-f1
Jasper North [Jasper National Park]20141:100,000e30-g3

The GDT Poster Map

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