2022 GDTA Volunteer Recognition Awards

by Kate Hamilton

GDTA volunteers are one of the most important parts of the organization. Without them, there would not be a Great Divide Trail. We have amazing, committed and skilled volunteers that work hard year round. All of our volunteers are important and have a significant impact to the organization. Each year we recognize the efforts of a several volunteers who have stood out in helping us achieve our objectives. This year we want to recognize the efforts of nine individuals whose hard work and dedication were a big part of our success in 2022: 

Brad Vaillancourt – Brad, who is our former Board President, continues to be of great help to the GDTA. He steps in, answers questions, and helps out on all fronts, across all committees within the GDTA. His skills, experience, and deep knowledge about the Great Divide Trail has been invaluable. Thank you, Brad!

MJ Kreisel – MJ, although no longer on a committee within the GDTA, continues to help new committee members as a consultant and provides a wealth of information. In particular, MJ has helped the Ensuring Financial Capacity Committee numerous times over the past year as they find their footing. Thank you, MJ!

Peter LaBastide – Peter keeps the Trail Building and Maintenance Committee’s budget on track, and recorded in detail. He is incredibly organized and keeps everything to date. Peter’s skills and work are deeply appreciated. Thank you, Peter!

Annette Scheick – Annette did a great job filling in numerous gaps across two committees. Already involved in trail building, Annette took on several projects in the Outreach Committee. Between helping out with our new merchandise or working to set up the successful High Rock Trail Grand Opening Ceremony, she is an essential member to the GDTA. Thank you, Annette!

Charlene Deck – Charlene has done a great job keeping the fluctuating Outreach Committee on track. She independently handled all of the finisher patches, created a fantastic inventory system and handles all of our financials for the committee. She is extremely dependable and is essential to the operation of the Outreach Committee. Thank you, Charlene!

Tasha Shakatko – In addition to Tasha’s continuous contributions to the Outreach Committee, Tasha stepped up last minute to lead the Maligne Valley clearing trip when the planned leader could not make it. Tasha did an excellent job both with leading the other volunteers, but also with continuing to strengthen our relationship with Friends of Jasper National Park. Thank you, Tasha!

Kelly McDonald – Kelly’s contributions to the Trail Protection and Advocacy Committee is unmatched. His work ethic and enthusiasm have been a significant help in moving strategy forward. Kelly has also been a help to other committees and areas of the GDTA, and has been a key member in starting the new IT committee. Thank you, Kelly!

Joan Pendleton – Joan is a very important member of the Outreach Committee and GDTA. She organizes and publishes the GDTA’s Pathfinder Newsletter, and contributes in numerous other ways to the GDTA. Joan’s efforts, ability, and willingness to help anyone with anything, is of great value and appreciation to the GDTA. Thank you, Joan!

Stuart Mitchell – Stuart contributed a huge amount of work to the Trail Building and Maintenance Committee this summer. Stuart went on many trips, and took on the role of co-leader, or safety officer on these trips. Stuart’s time and skills made some of these trips possible. Thank you, Stuart!

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