Guthook Guides GDT App

“We hiked Section E last summer and found the Guthook Guides App to be invaluable!  It allowed us to do the less travelled alternate routes with much more confidence.” Lynnie & Barb

 The Great Divide Trail guide in the Guthook Guides app is a GPS map-based hiking guide for your mobile device. If you’re out hiking in the middle of nowhere, you don’t have to worry! The app works in airplane mode, so even if you don’t have cell service or internet, you can still see your location and navigate your way on the trail. The app uses your mobile device’s internal GPS and downloaded topographic maps to make sure you don’t get lost. Other features that you can use offline include the map, elevation profile, waypoint list, and more. You can also stay informed about trail conditions ahead by reading other hikers’ waypoint comments, and let other hikers know about your experience by leaving your own comments.

The apps have some new features for 2019, such as the ability to create custom waypoints. The Android app has some new features that were already available in the iPhone version, such as an improved custom route creation tool and the ability to add private notes to waypoints.

Atlas Guides (creator of Guthook Guides) released a completely new and redesigned Guthook Guides app for Android in November 2018. Like the iPhone version, it has all of Atlas Guides’ trail guides in one app. If you have the “Great Divide Trail” Android app, you can transfer your old purchase to the new Guthook Guides app by downloading the new app here and tapping the “Restore Purchases” button on the list of all the trail guides.

Atlas Guides also recently updated the Guthook Guides user interface app for iPhone. It has a new design for waypoint clusters on the map and on the elevation profile and a simpler way to navigate around the app. Find the new iPhone update in the App Store here

If you need help using the app, you can watch Android and iPhone app tutorial videos on the Guthook Guides YouTube channel.

The Full Guide for the GDT costs CA$24.99 or you can purchase the section you are hiking for CA$5.49/section.  Search for “Guthook Guides” in the App Store and Google Play Store to find our newly updated app for iPhone and Android. Find all 1100 km (680 mi) of the Great Divide Trail and adventure through the wilderness of the Canadian Rockies this year! Follow Guthook Guides on Instagram @guthookguides and tag Guthook Guides in your GDT hiking photos with the #withguthook hashtag for a chance to be featured on its page!

Through its partnership with Atlas Guides, the Great Divide Trail Association receives a portion of every Great Divide Trail guide sale in the Guthook Guides app.

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