Volunteer Opportunities – Help Us Lift the GDTA to the Next Level

Last April 7–13, organizations across the country celebrated National Volunteer Week. The thematic premise for recognizing Canada’s 12.7 million volunteers was simple: collectively, they lift communities.

We are no stranger to this phenomenon. Did you know that the GDTA is an organization run almost entirely by volunteers? It’s the joint work of 100+ individuals who give whatever time they have to help build, maintain, promote, and protect the trail and wilderness corridor we all cherish.

Happy volunteers on Tornado Saddle during our 2018 walking maintenance trip

Happy volunteers on Tornado Saddle during our 2018 walking maintenance trip

Our work is driven by a shared belief in the social, economic, environmental, and health benefits of sustainable outdoor recreation. We don’t just build and maintain trail, we partner with other organizations, businesses, and municipal governments to enrich local communities and foster environmental stewardship.

We’d like to thank again all our supporters, partners, and volunteers. There are no words strong enough to express how appreciated and critical your support and commitment have been to the growth of the GDTA.

Let’s build on this momentum together in 2019. Here are some ways in which you can help:

  • If you are hiking the GDT, consider sharing with us your photographs, videos, writing, and/or other forms of art that put the trail and its experience in the spotlight. We’ll feature them on our website, social media, and/or official documents with proper credits.
  • Submit trail reports (accompanied by photographs of trail conditions) to us by email.
  • Participate in our active online communities: GDT Hikers and GDT Trail Builders.
  • Join a trail building/maintenance trip.
  • Become a trail crew leader, camp manager, safety officer, cook, and more on a trip.
  • Help our equipment manager in Calgary to repair and maintain our tools and trailers.
  • Join a committee to help organize outreach events and fundraisers, advocate for the trail and its protection, plan for trail building trips, apply for grants, recruit corporate partners, revise safety procedures, update hiking logistics information, and more.
  • Become a board member.
  • Share your legal, marketing, or accounting skills.
  • Help us develop a youth stewardship program.
  • Help produce and manage content for our website and social media.
  • Become a corporate business partner and/or encourage your employer to support our work.
  • Donate to the GDTA and/or become a member.
  • Tell everyone you know about the Great Divide Trail!

If you’d like to help in these capacities or any other way, shape, or form, email us at greatdividetrail@gmail.com!

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