Moose River Project – The Valley Sentinel

Every year, horseback riders and hikers from around the world travel through the mountains on the Great Divide Trail behind the Robson Valley highway corridor.

“Fires made travel very difficult through a large section of the trail within Robson Park, so travellers were challenged navigating their way with downed burned timber – like a logger’s version of ‘pick-up-sticks’, boggy muskeg, and river crossings when the trail was elusive and impassable from bog, muskeg, or blow-down on either the east or west side of the Moose River,” explained Eileen MacDonald, Chair of the Robson Valley Chapter of the Backcountry Horsemen of BC (BCHBC).

This past summer, the Robson Valley Chapter of BCHBC, Mount Robson Provincial Park staff, and the Great Divide Trail Association, pooled resources and manpower to work on the GDT for a week from August 12 – 20.


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