This Summer, Hug a Tree and Listen to the Plants

The GDT’s ideal trail location is on a slope with well-drained soil or a rocky ridgetop. July 2019

By Jenny L. Feick, PhD Every spring, I take great delight in getting reacquainted with my friends in the plant world. This year, especially, with the social distancing required to help slow the spread of the novel coronavirus, I’ve had to resort to hugging trees instead of embracing my family,…

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Gone Batty


Summer of 1975, my most frightening and embarrassing hiking moment  by Lani Smith  It was a beautiful calm, warm summer weekend, so we, Glen Byers, Kim O’Brien and myself, gathered at Byers house to plan a weekend hike. Weather looked great, not a cloud in the sky on Friday evening as we made plans to…

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Her Odyssey: Introduction

Volcanoes Along the Greater Patagonian Trail

by Bethany Hughes and Lauren Reed The women of Her Odyssey, Bethany ‘Fidgit’ Hughes and Lauren ‘Neon’ Reed, are in the midst of a multi-year endeavor to travel the length of the Americas by non-motorized means. Their aim is to connect the stories of the land and its inhabitants, and…

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June 2020 Trail and Road Conditions


Trail Conditions Update – June 29, 2020 While Alberta and British Columbia cautiously move into the next phases of living with COVID-19, the Great Divide Trail Association is considering what is best for the health and safety of the trail community that we serve. With provincial and national parks re-opened, staying…

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