Even though the GDT is remote and crosses few highways, public transportation and trailheads do exist to allow you to access the trail at various points whether you’re thru-hiking or section hiking. Note that Greyhound no longer offers bus service in Alberta so public transportation options to GDT trailheads are limited. 

Southern Terminus – Waterton Townsite:

From Calgary: Airport Shuttle Express offers a shuttle between the Calgary Airport and the Prince of Wales Hotel in Waterton Lakes National Park (Call or email for rates). This shuttle continues on to Glacier Park Lodge in East Glacier, Montana for an additional fee. Mountain Man Mike’s offers bus service between Calgary and Pincher Creek.

From Pincher Creek: Pincher Creek taxi service can take you to Waterton townsite for $80-90 (obviously more economical with 2 or more passengers). 

From Glacier National Park (USA): Tamarack Outdoor Outfitters offers shuttle service during the summer to and from the Chief Mountain border crossing, connecting Waterton Lakes National Park in Alberta with Glacier National Park in Montana.

From Waterton Townsite, there are two ways that hikers can reach the actual southern terminus on the International Boundary:

  1. Hike 6.3 km from the Lakeshore trailhead (a2) to the International Boundary (a1) and simply turn around at the border and walk back to Waterton Townsite (12.6 km return hike).
  2. Take a boat from the Waterton marina to Goat Haunt Ranger Station in Glacier National Park (USA) and hike 12.8 km back to Waterton Townsite via the Lakeshore Trail. Passport required. For sailing times, ticket prices and customs information, check out Waterton Shoreline Cruises Co.

Northern Termini:

Mount Robson (the Original Northern Terminus): There is no public transportation to Mount Robson so you must make your own travel arrangements. Mount Robson Visitor Centre is easily accessible on Highway 16.

Kakwa Trailhead (the Extended Northern Terminus): There is no public transportation to the very remote Kakwa trailhead so you must make your own travel arrangements or be prepared to walk out via the Walker Creek Forest Service Road to Highway 16, 75 km away. Walker Creek FSR is a rough and muddy dirt road that is prone to washouts and closures. 4WD high clearance vehicle is required.

Robson Valley Adventures Unplugged offers several shuttle options in the area, including the Walker Creek FSR to the Kakwa trailhead, Holmes River Road to the Blueberry trailhead, Mount Robson and Jasper. They also offer accommodation and resupply service. Check out their Facebook page for rates and reservations or contact them by telephone 250-569-7372 or email

Roy Howard from Fraser Headwaters Alliance has offered his services to shuttle hikers in or out of the Kakwa or Holmes access roads to Highway 16. Roy charges a fee to cover his costs for fuel, wear and tear on his vehicle and his time. Roy can be reached at

Other Transportation options along the GDT:

  • Brewster offers bus service between the Calgary airport, Banff, Canmore, Lake Louise, Saskatchewan Crossing and Jasper.
  • SunDog Connector offers bus service between Jasper and Edmonton.
  • Red Arrow offers bus service between Edmonton, Calgary and Lethbridge.
  • On-It Regional Transit offers bus service between Calgary, Canmore and Banff.
  • Rider Express offers bus service between Calgary, Canmore, Lake Louise, Banff and Golden.
  • Roam Transit offers bus service between Canmore, Lake Louise and Banff.
  • Car rentals and taxi service are available in Calgary, Pincher Creek, Canmore, Banff, Lake Louise and Jasper.

Other Access to the GDT:
Turn on the “Access Routes & Trailheads” layer on our map to see exact locations of the following access points along the GDT.

Access Roads and TrailsNearest WaypointDistance to the GDT
Blakiston Valley Traila1510 km
Snowshoe Traila1611.1 km
Dutch Creek Road (4WD)b1425 km
Cache Creek Trailb212.1 km
Soda Creek Trailb223.9 km
Baril Creek Trailb309 km
Burstall Pass Trailc611.3 km
Mount Shark Trailc75.8 km
Allenby Pass Trailc937 km
Fatigue Pass Trailc1321 km
Sunshine Village Trailc15 or c161 km
Healy Creek Trailc176.5 km
Pharaoh Creek Trailc1919 km
Redearth Creek Trailc2117.2 km
Tumbling Creek Trailc3110.5 km
Wolverine Pass Trailc327.2 km
Helmet Creek Trailc3513.6 km
Sunset Pass Traile612.6 km
Nigel Pass Traile137.4 km
Poboktan Creek Traile206 km
Moose River Trailf1122.3 km
Mount Robson Berg Lake Trailf1629.6 km
Holmes River Road + Blueberry Trailg643.4 km (road) + 7.2 km (trail)
Grande Cache Horse Trailg2172 km
Walker Creek Road (4WD)g2974.6 km
Trailheads directly on the GDTCorresponding Waypoint
Lakeshore Traila2 at Waterton Townsite
Carthew-Alderson Traila3 at Waterton Townsite
Carthew-Alderson Traila8 on Akamina Parkway
Rowe Lakes Traila9 on Akamina Parkway
West Castle Roada30 near Castle Mountain Ski Resort
Suicide Creek Traila31 on West Castle Road
Lynx Creek Roada36 and a44
Colemanb1 on Highway 3
Deadman Pass Trailb4 on Allison Creek (Atlas) Road
Aldridge Creek Trailb32 on Kananaskis Powerline Road
Elk Lakes Trailnear b38 on Elk Valley Road
Elk Pass Trailb40 on Kananaskis Lakes Trail
North Interlakes Trailc1 on Kananaskis Lakes Trail
Hawk Creek & Floe Lake Trailsc23 on Highway 93
Ottertail Trailc38 on Highway 1
Tally-Ho Trailc39 near Field
Natural Bridge & Amiskwi Traild0 on Emerald Lake Road
David Thompson Heritage Traild9 on Blaeberry Forest Service Road
Howse Pass Traild16 on Highway 93
Owen Creek Traile1 on Highway 11
Skyline Traile25 on Maligne Lake Road
Signal Mountain Traile32 on Maligne Lake Road
Old Fort Pointe34 near Jasper
Miette River Trailf1 on Highway 16
Kakwa Lake Trailg29 on Walker Creek Road

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