International Volunteer Day 2020

The Great Divide Trail Association would like to thank our amazing volunteers, who, despite the challenges of 2020, have made this one of our most productive years. As a result of our volunteers’ hard work, the new High Rock Trail was opened, and the Association obtained Charitable Status. In addition to these two significant milestones, advocacy work to protect the Great Divide Trail and support for an increasing number of trail users continued. All of this work was accomplished safely and without a single incident.

On behalf of the Association – THANK YOU!

Building on this year’s success, we would like to do more. The Great Divide Trail Association is 100% volunteer-run, so that means we need you!

  • If you are an avid hiker, backpacker or armchair enthusiast who would like to share your passion with others.
  • If you would like to participate in responsibly creating an iconic Canadian wilderness opportunity.
  • And, if you have a few hours to volunteer each month, consider joining a group of like-minded volunteers dedicated to maintaining, protecting, and promoting the Great Divide Trail, one of the most spectacular and challenging long‐distance trails on the planet.

Volunteers are required for the following committees:

Trail Building and Maintenance Committee – is responsible for planning and managing trail operations. This committee managed almost 100 volunteers who contributed approximately 3500 hours building and maintaining the Trail this past year.  Skills and experience needed:

  • Committee secretarial duties and information management
  • Equipment inventory, purchases and repairs. Individuals should be located in/near Calgary, where our equipment is housed

Ensuring Financial Capacity Committee – is responsible for fund development and building supporters for the Great Divide Trail Association’s operations.  This committee wrote or assisted with several grants this past year, created a grant database, obtained charitable status for the Association, and initiated a donation program.   Skills and experience needed:

  • Committee Co-Chair – leadership skills
  • Grant writing, researching prospects, maintaining grant database
  • Developing sponsorships and corporate donations
  • Advancing the charitable donation program

The Outreach, Education and Engagement Committee – is responsible for building awareness of the Great Divide Trail and the GDTA through effective communication strategies and programs, planning outreach and education events, and supporting Great Divide Trail users. Each year the number of hikers continues to grow. Outreach has provided Trail information and advice to numerous members, hikers, and the public.  Skills and experience needed:

  • Graphic design – managing and updating the Association’s website and social media
  • Communications and advertising
  • Program and event planning (live and virtual)
  • Hiker support – maintaining existing hiker resources and exploring ways to provide additional assistance.

Safety and Environment Committee – assists the Great Divide Association have “zero” safety incidents and environmentally, “leave no trace.” This committee was an integral part of the Association, having zero incidents this past year, including zero “COVID19” incidents. Skills and experience needed:

  • Safety management – maintaining and supporting the use of the GDTA Safety Program
  • Working knowledge of Alberta OH&S requirements
  • Environmental Protection – developing, maintaining, and implementing an Environmental Program and providing environmental expertise for land use applications.
  • Knowledge of Alberta’s environmentally sensitive flora and fauna and wildlife (to help develop training material for GDT trail building trips)

To volunteer or for more information, please email us with your name, contact information and area of interest(s) to:

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