2019 President’s Report

High Rock Trail

Well, it was another busy year for the GDTA, and I would like to give you an update on all the progress. First and foremost, I would to thank the Board of Directors for all the work they have done to make all this happen, it has not been easy,…

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2019 AGM Keynote Speaker

Jenny Feick, Original Great Divide Trails Project

This year’s GDTA Annual General Meeting was a celebration of 45 years of the Great Divide Trail Association. It was exciting to see so many members of the original team that surveyed the trail and that started the Great Divide Trail Association in attendance. This included  Jenny Feick, Dave Higgins,…

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2019 Changes to GDTA Board

volunteer-widget - Copy

At every AGM, we thank departing Board members for their contributions, re-elect members that desire to serve another 3 year term and welcome new Board members.  This year, we say thank you to four Board members who are not returning to the Board.  Each of these four individuals made significant…

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2019 Trail Building & Maintenance Trips

Join a GDTA Trail Crew

2019 was a very busy year for the GDTA, with more scouting, trail building and maintenance trips than ever before. A huge amount was accomplished thanks to the large number of hard-working and dedicated volunteers. Key accomplishments in 2019: The wettest and coolest summer in the Rockies in decades, but…

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Winter 2019/20 Trail and Road Conditions

Snowy trail

Trail Conditions Update – November 26, 2019 Winter conditions are here. Snow has fallen on all of the GDT and is accumulating so expect wet, icy and slippery trail conditions. Boots, hiking poles, snow cleats or snowshoes are recommended. Temperatures are below freezing, so be prepared for winter conditions and short days when travelling…

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October 2019 Trail and Road Conditions

Fall on the GDT

Trail Conditions Update – October 25, 2019 Fall colours are here, and so is the snow! Snow has fallen on much of the GDT and is starting to accumulate at higher elevations. Expect wet, slippery and muddy trail conditions. Heavy boots or cleats and poles are recommended. Nighttime and early…

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September 2019 Trail and Road Conditions

GDT Autumn

Trail Conditions Update – September 19, 2019 Fall weather has arrived in the Rockies and that means autumn colours! Trail conditions are generally good but expect some wet and muddy sections during periods of rain. Be prepared for colder temperatures and shorter days when travelling on the trail this month. ELK…

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August 2019 Trail and Road Conditions

Wonder Pass

Trail Conditions Update – August 21, 2019 Trail conditions are generally good but expect some wet and muddy sections during periods of rain. Warm weather means rapid melt during the day resulting in high water levels and potentially dangerous creek crossings, so attempt to ford larger creeks early in the…

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